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George Afedzi Hughes' work uses the history of colonialism as a basis to highlight parallels between colonialism’s brutal history and contemporary global conflicts. In today’s informational age, global occurrences of violence reach us instantaneously: transmitting fear and unease. His work interprets the spectacle of news, history and social engagement into visual form, by appropriating imagery from global popular culture such as sports and ritual. Hughes revisits the harsh realities of colonialism through metaphor.


Born in Ghana in 1962, George Afedzi Hughes studied painting at The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, College of Art, where he earned a BA in Art and an MA in Art Education. After graduation he spent two years in France and England painting, exhibiting, and visiting museums and galleries. The artworks created during this period were shown in 1994 in a major solo exhibition at The Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra, Ghana. In the same year, Hughes settled in the United States where he later received an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Bowling Green State University. Since then he has shown his work internationally in addition to teaching.  His paintings, performances, and installations have been shown in Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Holland, Northern Ireland, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, Wales and the United States.



2001 Master of Fine Arts, Painting & Drawing Minor. Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH. USA.

1992 Master of Arts, Art Education. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

1989 Bachelor of Arts, Painting & Drawing Minor. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.


Solo Exhibitions / Performance Art


  • The Politics of Identity, Buffalo Arts Studios, Buffalo, New York, USA. Paintings exhibited reflect the history of colonialism and its legacies.


  • Urban Allusions, Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. Survey exhibition of recent paintings and installations.              


  • Recent Works, Malone Gallery, Troy University, Troy, Alabama, USA. Survey exhibition of recent paintings and installations.

  • Collisions [amp], Indigo Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Addressed the psychological echoes of cultural deterioration through metaphors populated with vehicles, war machinery, body parts and historical/current iconography.


  • Crime Dots, Centre des Arts, Contemporains du Quebec, Montreal.  A generic interpretation of crime statistics in major cities using color-coded dots to indicate various crime locations


  • Collisions, Skoto Gallery, NY, NY. Paintings and installation which reference war machinery, military uniforms with epaulettes, automobiles, colonial / historical references.


  • Muffled Connections, Performing Arts Forum, St Erme, France, Installation in a former C19th convent, now an art residency referenced the emergence of dynamic communication social systems.


  • Fragments, Buffalo Arts Studio Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA. Paintings exhibited explore   the contingence between violence and reconciliation. Curator: Cori Wolf.


  • Urban Overtures, Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra, Ghana. Paintings exhibited   contemplate the stridence of urbanization through the use of metropolitan   iconography. Curator: Theo Adete.

  • Layers, Skoto Gallery, NYC, NY, USA. Paintings with collage elements   combining images from disparate sources in order to address the use of   violence by humans to solve geo-political conflicts. Curator: Skoto Aghahowa.


  • George Afedzi Hughes, Atrium im Bockreiterzentrum,   Herzogenrath, Germany. Paintings exhibited referenced power relations and the   implied violence within such relations. Curator: Jutta and Joachim Melchers.

  • Signs & Symbols Collision, The Central University of   Nationalities, Beijing, China. The paintings combined imagery from street   signs and sociopolitical symbols. Curator: Yao Junjie.

  • On Guns Redcoats and Everything Else, Influx Contemporary Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. Paintings referenced the violence   of colonial history, drawing parallels between that history and contemporary   global conflicts. Curator: Nuno Salgueiro-Lobo.


  • Performance Art: What you perceive is what you conceive II, Queens   University, Belfast, N. Ireland. A performance probing the significance of the irrational in relation to myths that govern our belief systems. Curator: Maruska Svasek.


  • Paintings, Mainsite Gallery, Norman, OK,   USA. The exhibition was in three parts: achromatic paintings exploring   procreation, 3D assemblages addressing the plunder of gold resources by   colonial regimes and mixed media paintings as a discourse of mortality.   Curator: Christian Pitt.

  • Social Predation, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY, USA. Exhibited   paintings depicting notions of power relationships and the implied violence   within these relationships. Curator: John Massier.

  • George Hughes: Retrospective Exhibition, Mabee Gerrer Museum of   Art, Shawnee, OK, USA. A decade’s (1996-2006) overview of paintings and assemblages. Curator: Jeff Cooper.

  • Performance Art: Rights of Passage, Myers Gallery, Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA. Paintings explored   the human condition in its mockery of contradictions, stereotypes and errors.   Curator: Steve Liggett.

  • Culture, Identity and Beyond, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. Performance art   synthesizing painting, sound, music, poetry and video. Curator: Anna Jager.


  • Metaphysics, Carter Arts Center Gallery, Kansas City, MO, USA. Exhibited   paintings that investigate the nuance of sensation such as doubt, discomfort   and despair in our lives. Curator: Bernadette Torres.

  • Chronic  Dreams, Park-Art Gallery, NYC, NY, USA. Exhibition of paintings with   imagery reminiscent of colonial history. Curator: Ken Croken.

  • Skin and  Essence, Myers Gallery, Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA. Paintings explored   the human condition in its mockery of contradictions, stereotypes and errors. Curator: Steve Liggett.

  • Performance Art: Dead Man Series, 435 Park Avenue, NY, NY, USA. Performance art in which I played   dead on the side of the street, eavesdropping on pedestrian vocal response.


  • Cosmopolitan, Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra, Ghana. Paintings exhibited captured the subtleties within multicultural environments experienced over ten years of living abroad. Curator Ablade Glover. 


  • Symbols  and Metaphors, Mainsite Gallery, Norman, OK,   USA. Paintings exhibited drew parallels between the structural qualities of   robots, machines and African sculpture. Curator: Tom Torperzer.


  • Lineage, Livingstone Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands. Works on paper   (blueprints and vellum) exploring human ancestry. Curator: Jeroen Dijkstra.


  • Von Ghana nach Amerika (From Ghana to America), Galerie   Xenios, Frankfurt, Germany. Paintings and collages exploring contemporary   urban life using traditional African sculptural proportions.

  • Contemporary  Urban Life, 20 North Gallery, Toledo, OH, USA. Paintings exhibited morphed   urban iconography with traditional African sculptures. Curator: Peggy Grant.


Group Exhibitions / Performance Art


  • The World’s Game: Futbol and Contemporary Art, Perez Museum, Miami, Florida.’s-game-fútbol-and-contemporary-art


  • Selections 2017, Skoto Gallery, NYC, NY.


  • Art Dubai, UAE, exhibition with Nubuke Foundation, Johara BallRoom, Dubai, UAE. (curator: Kofi Setordji and Odile Tevi)

  • FootForaine at La Villette, Paris, France (curator: Jean-Max Colard).

  • Dakar-Martigny:Hommage A La Biennale D’Art Contemporain.

  • Art, Honor, and Ridicule: Asafo Flags from Southern Ghana, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada. Commissioned to do two original paintings informed by traditional Fanti flags of the Akan.


  • Global Topics Artco Gallery, Aachen, Germany. Featuring Bruce Clark, Godfried Donkor, George Afedzi Hughes, Owusu Ankomah, Manuela Sambo. 

  • FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sabdton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa. Group show.

  • Amid/In WNY. Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. Visual representation of crime statistics in major cities using color-coded tin-caps (roofing discs) to indicate various crime locations.


  • Contemporary Beirut (Global Art Fair) Opening date: Wed. May 21st 2014 / 18h-23h Daily until May 31st from 16h till 21h. A showcase of works by “artists from Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Iran, Japan, Tanzania, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Indonesia, China, Germany, France & US.

  • Futbol, The Beautiful Game, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The exhibition examines the significance of football in societies around the world.


  • West to West, Städtische Galerie, Bremen, Germany. Artists invited by Owusu Ankomah for the show are Godfried Donkor, Afedzi Hughes, Atta Kwami, Wemega Kwawu, El Loko, Sokari Douglas Camp, Lawson Oyekan and Romuald Hazoume. 


  • Aus Afrika, Galerie Frank Schlag &  Cie, Essen, Germany. Paintings, sculptures and photographs by the following artists: Tété Azankpo, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Saidou Dicko, Godfried Donkor, Sokari Douglas Camp CBE, Romuald Hazoumè, George Afedzi Hughes, Toyin Loye, Owusu-Ankomah, Chéri Samba, Manuela Sambo, Rikki Wemega-Kwawu and Zinkpé.

  • Moving Into Space: Football and Art   in West Africa, National Football Museum, Manchester,   England. Contemporary   West African artists whose art is inspired by football to explore wider   social issues.Curator:   Martin Barlow.


  • Buffalo on the Bowery, Charles Bank Gallery, New York, NY. Sixty-eight artists with local ties donated work to the auction, including Rupp, Gregory Halpern, Amanda Besl, A. J. Fries, Megan Greene, Amy Greenan, George Afedzi Hughes, Julian Montague, Reed Anderson, and Jacob Kassay

  • Art Lisboa,   Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal.  Brought together a selection of forty national and international contemporary and modern art galleries, as well as   journals and specialized publications.Curator: Ivânia de Mendonça Gallo.

  • Just One, Artco   Gallery, Herzogenrath, Germany. Fifty-three artists exhibited one work each   of drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs. Curator: Joachim Melchers.

  • Les Fantomes, Jack   Bell Gallery, London, England. Featuring painting, photography and sculpture. Curator: Jack Bell.

  • South is the new North, Influx   Contemporary Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. Group show featuring painting, sculpture, photography and video. Curator: Nuno Salgueiro-Lobo.


  • Arte Lisboa, Pavilhao do Rio of the Lisbon Congress   Center, Lisbon, Portugal. Art fair with forty-one national and international   contemporary and modern art galleries. Curator: Ivânia de Mendonça Gallo.

  • Spirit Tangents, Haliburton Forest Project, Haliburton, Ontario,   Canada. Installation conceived as homage to dead trees. Curator: Reinhard   Reitzenstein.

  • 100@100: Works of Art by Alumni artists to celebrate BGSU’s Centennial, Bowling   Green State University, OH, USA. Twenty-five   works by outstanding alumni representing the School’s proudest   accomplishments. Curator: Jacqui Nathan.

  • In & Out of Africa, Henn Art, Galeries Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands.   Exhibition of thirteen artists originally from Africa working both abroad and   in Africa exploring varied artistic styles. Curators: Gerry Belinc, Oliver   Henn and Joachim Melchers.

  • Africa 2.0: Is there a Contemporary African Art?, Influx Contemporary Gallery,   Lisbon, Portugal. Contemporary work from African artists of the Diaspora.   Curator: Nuno Salgueiro-Lobo.

  • Performance Art: Rites of Blue Impediment, Haverford College, Black Box Theater, Haverford, PA, USA. A   three-day residency organized by Ruti Talmor, Haverford professor and Mellon   Postdoctoral Fellow. The performance used ritual, sound, ornate props and   supporting cast to address subtle methods used by predominant cultural groups   to impede the progression of sub-cultural groups.


  • Nsoroma, The Dei Center, Accra, Ghana. Exhibition organized by the Dei Centre in memory of the late Professor Joe   Nkrumah. Curator: Lyle Ashton.

  • Homecoming Exhibition, Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra, Ghana. Invitational group exhibition organized for seven leading Ghanaian expatriate artists practicing   abroad. Curators: Kojo Fosu and Ablade Glover.

  • It’s Never Too Late To Become a Man, Coningsby Gallery, London, England. Works of artists across the Continent of Africa. Curator: Joe Pollitt.

  • Joburg   Art Fair, Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa. Art Fair with international galleries representing African artists. Represented by Artco Gallery.

  • Figure and Form: Explorations of Humanity, M. Rockefeller   Arts Center, SUNY at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY, USA. Exhibition offered a range of perspectives on the human condition using the human figure as subject   matter. Curator: Tina Hastings.


  • The St.   James’s Auction, Rosebury, La Galleria Pall Mall, London, England. Paintings   explored inner-city violence through the use of collage, signs, symbols, text   and mixed media. Curator: Marcus Grey.

  • Dialog, Artco Galerie, Herzogenrath,   Germany. An exhibition of works by artists of African and European descent exploring   stylistic contrast. Curator: Joachim Melchers.

Performance Art:

  • Shrines   & Masquerades Live: Indifferentia, Commons Gallery, NYU Steinhardt, NYC, NY, USA. Performance art   inspired by the African traditions of shrines and masquerades as well as the negotiation   of identity in cosmopolitan America.

  • Monsters of Nature & Design II, Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Performance played on the format of a   ritual sacrifice in tribal societies with undercurrent themes of colonialism,   globalism, transformation, and transcendence. Collaborators: Gary Nickard,   Reinhard Reitzenstein, Cartherine Carfagna, Biff Henrich, Scott Ryan, Dave Meinzer, Brian Grunert, Patrick Heyden, Thom Furtado, Daughters of Creative Sound, David A. Moore, Dave Gutierrez, and Jeanette Sperhac

  • Race Symbiosis, intervened Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada. A performance that   uses humor to present 'race' in the light of appearances, and that racial   interdependence have often been overshadowed by the dialogue on racial   differences. Collaboration with Geoff Krawczyk.

  • Sum-phusis, Black Box Theater, SUNY at   Buffalo, NY, USA. Address allegorically the seemingly random effects of   natural disasters contrasted with events initiated by human beings. Collaboration with UB Assistant Professor Melanie Aceto, Dance & Theater.


  • Art Fair   21, Cologne Gladbacher Wall 5, Cologne, Germany. 58 distinguished galleries   from 10 countries presented a diverse range of 21st century art. Work   exhibited: Gold Coast, a painting   that chronicles the colonial history of Ghana.

  • In and Out of Africa, Museum for Art and Ethnography, Schwaz, Austria. An overview   exhibition of four contemporary artists: Sokari Douglas Camp   (Nigeria/England), Zinpe (Benin/France), George Hughes (Ghana/USA) and Owusu   Ankomah (Ghana/Germany).


  • Diagne Chanel / George Hughes, (dubbed France meets United States), Artco Gallery, Herzogenrath, Germany. Paintings and drawings   exhibited contrasted Diagne Chanel’s (Senegal/France) sociopolitical works   with mine (Ghana/USA). Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker, former Director of the   Ludwig Forum in Aachen, opened the exhibition.

  • New Paintings, Mainsite Contemporary Gallery, Norman, OK, USA. Exhibited works   included new mixed media paintings. Curator: Christian Pitt.


  • Multiple   Oneness, Park-Art Gallery, New York, NY,   USA. Group show celebrating stylistic diversity among artists previously   shown at the gallery. Curator: Ken Croken.

  • Performance Art: Rights of Passage, Myers Gallery, Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA. The performance   explored the limitations of a boxed-in culture revealed through puppetry,   manipulation, mimicry and ritual. Curator: Steve Liggett.


  • Art, Fred Jones Museum of Art, Norman,   OK, USA. Faculty members of The University of Oklahoma Group show. Presented   an installation/performance entitled Ego   Transformation/Genome Revelation. Curator: Dr. Andrew Phelan.

  • Transition, Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra   Ghana/ LO/FTF, Copenhagen, Denmark. Traveling exhibition of twelve   contemporary artists of Ghana whose work serves as a medium to facilitate visions   about the future.


  • Third   National Juried Competition, Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences, Loveladies,   NJ, USA. Juried exhibition of forty-four professional artists. Juror: Maria   Christian Vallasenor, Associate Curator, Guggenheim Museum, NY, USA.


  • De Kleur   Van De Liefde is Blauw (The Color of Love is   Blue), The Old Flora Theater, The Hague, The Netherlands. The   exhibition sought to promote multicultural activities. An exhibition opened   by the Ambassador of Ghana, H. E. Mrs. Grace Amponsah-Ababio and the Mayor of   the Hague, Mr. W. Deetman.

  • The   Vibrant Art of Ghana, Gemeente Museum, The Hague, The Netherlands. To mark the third   centenary of ties between the Netherlands and present-day Ghana, the Gemeente   museum launched an exhibition of Ghanaian art. Three artists Philip Kwame   Apagya, Francis Provençal and George Hughes represented contemporary Ghanaian   art. Curator: Franz Kaiser.

  • Menschenbilder   (People Pictures), Society for   Technical Cooperation, Eschborn, Germany. Six artists from partner countries   Mexico, Bangladesh, Poland, Ghana, Indonesia and Nigeria show GTZ (Society   for Technical Cooperation) estimation, personal views and visions on man.

  • U vraagt   ..Wij draaien?!? (You ask….We twist), Artoteek Zuidoost, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. International   group of artist, exhibition juried by Totie Cronin, Sietse van der Hoek, Remy   Jungeraman, John Menke, Karin Moor and Mildred Rambhajan.


  • Painted Gold (Goudkust Geschilderd), Art Museum voor Zuid, Goes, The   Netherlands. Kwame Akoto and George Hughes exhibited paintings representing   works of two Ghanaian artists. 

  • Exposite Kuana, Cirkel Galerie, Amsterdam, The   Netherlands. An exhibition on contemporary Ghanaian art with the works of the   following artists: Wiz Kudowor, Amon Kotei, George Hughes, Ablade Glover, E.   Krotei Tetteh, Rikki Wemega Kwamu, Tafa Fiadzigbe, Victor Odoi.

  • Zeitgenossische Kunst aus Ghana (Contemporary Art from Ghana), Galerie Xenios, Frankfurt, Germany. Contemporary art from Ghana   showing the diversity of styles by participating artists. Curator: Petra de   Jung.  

  • New Music and Art, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery,   Bowling Green, OH, USA. Invitational compendium of documentary photographs,   paintings, videos and art vehicles manifested through radically embellished   and augmented automobiles. Curator: Jacqueline Nathan. 

  • Toledo Area 78th Annual Exhibition, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH,   USA. Juried annual area artists’ exhibition. Work exhibited: Current Affairs, painting triptych   addressing political turbulence.

  • Hedendaagse   Schilderkunst uit Ghana (Contemporary Painting from   Ghana), Maison Descartes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Ten leading Ghanaian artists both home and   abroad exhibited their most recent works. Curator: Petra de Jung.




  • Artist   in Residence, Haliburton Forest Art Project,   Haliburton ON, Canada. Created an installation Spirit Tangents from materials found on site. Curator: Reinhard Reitzenstein.

  • Artist   in Residence, topic: ‘Look Both Ways,’ Haverford College, Haverford,   PA, USA. Curated by Ruti Talmor, Professor and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow,   Haverford College, PA, USA. Performance and slide lecture.



  • Artist   in Residence, topic: ‘Culture, Assimilation and Rejection,’ Queens   University, organized by Dr. Maruska Svasek, School of History and   Anthropology, Belfast, North Ireland. Art performance and lecture.



  • Artist in Residence, topic: ‘Culture, Identity and   Beyond,’ Invited by Prof. Dr. Susanne Gehrmann, Anna Jager, Sylvia Fiegert,   Humboldt University, Department of Asian and African Studies, Berlin,   Germany. Painting, performance art, and slide lecture.


Invited Lectures

2010 Guest Speaker, Slide Lecture, Dei Foundation   for Contemporary African Art, Accra, Ghana. Artist Talk, slide lecture.

Visiting Artist, Takoradi Polytechnic, Painting and   Sculpture Department. Takoradi, Ghana. Lecture topic: “Contemporary Art

Trends: Lesson for Future African Artists”.

2009 Visiting   Artist, Speakers Series, SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY, USA.

2007 Visiting Artist, topic: ‘Journey Through Cultures’, Chelsea College of   Art and Design, Chelsea, London, England.

2005 Visiting Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University,   OH, USA. Slide lecture, critiques and painting demonstration.

2004 Visiting Artist and Instructor, Quartz Mountain, Lone Wolf, OK,   USA.

2002-03 Visiting Artist and Instructor, Quartz Mountain, Lone Wolf, OK, USA. 

2000 Visiting   Artist, Elmhurst Elementary School, Toledo, OH, USA. Workshop   for elementary students.

1999 Visiting Artist, Athena Art Society, Toledo, OH, USA. Slide Lecture on   drawings and paintings.

1998 Artists Talk “New Music And Art Festival”. Open Forum at Toledo Museum   of Art. Panel discussion on art and music with

composer John Williams,   sculptor David Best and painter. Organized and curated by Jacqui Nathan.

1998 Visiting Artist, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, USA.   Painting demonstration, critique and slide lecture.


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  • Layers solo exhibition catalog with text by Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer   (of Staatliches Museum) at Skoto Gallery, Chelsea, NY. 2010.

  • Urban Overtures solo exhibition catalog with text written by Dr. Nii   Bonney Andrews at Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra 2010.

2009 Books:

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Radio Interviews

2010 Radio Channel: report RFI, Radio France International (February). 2010

2005 KCUR   News, Kansas City, interviewed   by Maria Carter. 2005

1992 BBC George Hughes Interview, interviewed by James Sasse   (July). 1992

BBC World Service for Africa; Spice Taxi, interviewed by   Silvia Smith (July). 1992


Video/TV Coverage

2010 “Artes e Espectáculos” cultural magazine, TV channel: RTP   Africa (April). 2010

“Latitudes” cultural magazine TV channels: RTP Africa   (February). 2010

 “Nós” cultural magazine dedicated to multiculturalism TV   channel: RTP 2 (February).

2006 Tennant,   Carolyn, “Artgrease” Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo 2006.

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Gallery   Representation

2008   - present Influx   Contemporary Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

2005   - present Artco   Kunstagentur GmbH, Herzogenrath, Germany.

2002   - 2006 Mainsite   Art Gallery, Norman, OK, USA.

1999   - 2001 20 North Gallery, Toledo, OH, USA.

1997   - 2001 Frontier   Art, The Hague, The Netherlands.     

1994   - present Artists   Alliance Gallery, Accra, Ghana.